December 2013
An interview with Doug Wilson, the ABC Producer and Director that I interviewed in 2008 on SkateCast #16. He contacted me again to talk about his new book, "The World Was Our Stage: Spanning the Globe with ABC Sports." It's full of wonderful stories of not only his coverage of figure skating, but so many sports and sports moments that are ingrained in our culture and memory. He talks about the changing role of female commentators, being able to talk with Irina Rodnina after the Iron Curtain fell, and why we should all listen to Carol Heiss1 hour, 06 minutes, 37 seconds.

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December 2013
An interview with John Misha Petkevich, the 1971 US National Figure Skating Champion, two-time Olympian, USFS Hall of Fame member, author of two skating books ("Figure Skating: Champion Techniques" and "The Skater's Handbook"), and the creator of the fantastic Harvard-run show "An Evening With Champions." He was also a commentator for NBC, CBS and ESPN. And if that wasn't enough, after graduating from Harvard he attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar where he was awarded a Doctorate in Cell Biology, and went on to become a successful investment banker. We discuss his massive jumps, how he liberated mens' costuming from the "monkey suit," his opinion on the demise of compulsory figures, and his proudest moment in his skating career. 1 hour, 20 minutes, 50 seconds.

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Episode #69: Don Jackson

November 2013
An interview with Donald Jackson, four-time Canadian Champion, 1960 Olympic Bronze Medalist, show skater, coach, author of several books, creator of  Jackson skates, and member of more than a few halls of fame. He's most notable in the history books for being the first person to land a triple lutz in competition (see video below) and was the subject of a short documentary called King of Blades (see that video below too). He talks about how many times it took him to pass the first figure test, that tremendous triple lutz, how he worked on quad salchows, and why it's his fault that Carmen is so popular for skating music. 1 hour, 27 minutes, 12 seconds.

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September 2013
An interview with Tania Bass, dress and costume designer to world class skaters including Miki Ando, Sarah Hughes, Emily Hughes, Pang and Tong, Ina and Zimmerman, Michael Weiss, Jeremy Abbott. Her website is She talks about how she got started in the business, what goes into a great dress, and how many Carmen dresses she's had to make over the years. 56 minutes, 46 seconds.

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September 2013
An interview with Rohene Ward. What couldn't he do well? Jumping in both directions! Amazing and unusual spins! Flexibility beyond belief! Choreographing his own programs! Signature moves! And all that talent from a kid with a disadvantaged background who had to take several bus transfers by himself to make it happen. And while he never reached the podium at the US Figure Skating Championships, Rohene Ward became one of the most well-known and beloved crowd favorites American audiences had ever seen. Rohene Ward talks about his first pair of skates, how he learned to jump both ways, the sacrifices by his coach to support him, and overcoming incredible racism. 32 minutes, 26 seconds.

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June 2013
An interview with Ricky Harris, the first dedicated figure skating choreographer, and author of three books on figure skating and choreography. Ricky Harris skated with the Sonia Henie show, and created a series of successful workshops that are being continued by American Ice Theater with Jodi Porter. She did choreography for Evan Lysacek, Michelle Kwan, Babilonia/Gardner, Blumberg/Seibert, Scott Hamilton, Linda Fratianne, and so many more. Ricky Harris talks about what it was like being the first choreographer to sit in the Kiss & Cry, how Scott Hamilton wouldn't initially take direction from her, and how Frank Carroll and Don Laws were her biggest supporters. 1 hour, 8 minutes, 37 seconds.

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May 2013
An interview with Caryn Kadavy, four-time US medalist at the US Figure Skating Championships, 1987 World Bronze Medalist, 1988 Olympian, professional skater, coach and choreographer. We talk about how she developed her fantastic triple loop jump, what it was like to work with Carlo Fassi and Toller Cranston, and her heartbreaking decision to have pull out of the Olympics after coming down with the flu. 55 minutes, 28 seconds.

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APRIL 2013
An interview with Phil Hersh, an award-winning journalist who since 1987 has been the Olympic sports writer for the Chicago Tribune and the Tribune Company. He's covered the sport of figure skating through 10 Olympics (Sochi 2014 is #10), 28 US Championships, and 16 World Championships. We spoke about his opinions on some of skating's most controversial outcomes (Oksana vs. Nancy in 1994, Michelle vs. Tara in 1998, and Sale/Pelletier vs Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze in 2002), his thoughts on the judging system, his friendly rivalry with Christine Brennan, and his high opinion of Michelle Kwan. 1 hour, 33 minutes, 45 seconds.

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MARCH 2013
Part Two of an interview with Audrey Weisiger, Olympic-level coach (most notably of Michael Weiss and Tim Goebel), and creator of both Grassroots to Champions (G2C) and the Young Artists Showcase (YAS). In Part Two we discuss her collaboration with the late choreographer Brian Wright, the creation of G2C and YAS, her thoughts on how to get the dwindling American fan base back into skating, and her ideas on how to evolve the sport. 57 minutes, 31 seconds.

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MARCH 2013
Part One of an interview with Audrey Weisiger, Olympic-level coach (most notably of Michael Weiss and Tim Goebel), and creator of both Grassroots to Champions and the Young Artists Showcase. In Part One we discuss her background in skating, how she became a top level coach, what it was like working with Michael Weiss through his entire career, and Timothy Goebel at the end of his career. She also talks about her philosophy of coaching. 57 minutes, 33 seconds.

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Part Two of an interview with Carol Heiss Jenkins, the 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist for ladies figure skating, as well as the Silver medalist in the 1956 Olympics, a 5 time World Champion, and of course US National Champion. In Part 2, she takes us through her movie and television career, notably when she made the movie "Snow White and the Three Stooges," her start as a coach, her thoughts on IJS, and the superstitions that all the coaches have. 59 minutes, 17 seconds.


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